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Living for the Lord. Missionary. TV Reporter. Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. In the world, not of the world. James 1:27, 1 Peter 3:3-4, Proverbs 3:5-6

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Christmas lighting with lovely friends, Santa, & his lady elves!

Christmas lighting with lovely friends, Santa, & his lady elves!

Last chapel service ever...kind of sad! I love this place.

Love finding old photos when I'm home! Haha my older sister, Karli, on the right!

I was always jealous of your leopard suit! Haha

Now that's a pot roast!! Thankful my mom was raised in Louisiana! #soulfood :)

Congratulations to for officially making it on our family Christmas tree! #TheRealDeal

My sweet little baby boy is already a ladies man with the flowers...and might be a daddy already! Husky pups coming :)

Just going through pictures on my phone...missing this man!

Happiest girl in the world! :)

Congrats to my beautiful friend on her engagement tonight! Love these ladies :)

So crazy seeing in Star Magazine as an opponent!

Wow, so cool! I feel honored and blessed! :) Larry Allen is the happiest man I know!

Forgot to share this last night! I was told the orange is for Halloween...NYC :)

Sorry David, I had to! ;)

Grabbed this cup and didn't even realize it was my #Rangers one! Must be a good sign for tonight :)

This is just the beginning! Phone doesn't do it justice...

God bless America...mostly Texas...especially the Rangers!

Tailgating before the game!!!