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Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan with more than 100,000 artifacts from ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Near East. Docent Marlene tweets.

Photos and Videos by @kelseymuseum

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Worth a second look: Polydeukion. Roman. Marble. (ca. AD 150). #archaeology #TwitPict

From upcoming "Karanis Revealed" exhibition, statue of a priest from 1924-35 Univ of Mich excavations.

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"Karanis Revealed: Discovering Past & Present of a Michigan Excavation in Egypt." Part I: Sept 16-Dec 8.

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Here is one of our jewelry pieces, about 2,000 years old from Egypt. #jewelry

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Free-blown Perfume Sprinkler. Pale green glass now heavily iridescent. Late 14th century AD. #TwitPict

On Exhibit: Large Dolium (Wine Cask), Clay, (1st century BC or later), Pozzuoli or Cumae, Italy. #TwitPict

On Exhibit: Fragment of a Volute from a Capitol. White Marble. Roman Period. Pisidian Antioch, Turkey #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Bird-Shaped Pouring Vessel (Askos), Late Iron Age (8th-7th century), Tarquinia, Italy. #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Inscription of Spurius Family. Marble. Roman Period (2nd century BC). Cumae, Italy. #TwitPict

Kelsey docents available for tours. Contact for information. #TwitPict

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology docents at book publication event. Contact for tours. #TwitPict

Book publication lecture going on now for Building A New Rome: Imperial Colony of Pisidian Antioch. #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Lock Plate, Bronze, Roman Period, Villa Nona, Pompeii, Italy. #Pompeii #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Head of a Man, Marble, Flavian or Trajanic Period (AD 69-117). #archaeology #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Drawer full of Mummy Masks from Roman Egypt. #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Lagynos (Flacon), Clay, Ptolemaic Period (323-30 BC) Cyprus. Associated w/Dionysos cult. #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Jug w/Ribbon Handle, glass w/abraded geometric designs, faceting (3rd-4th century), Egypt #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Mummiform Coffin of the Priest Djehutymose, Saite Period (26th Dynasty, 685-525 BC) Egypt #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Male Foot Wearing Leather Shoe (1st-2nd century), Pozzuoli, Italy. #TwitPict

ON EXHIBIT: Mural Fragment of a Sea Lion & Dolphin (top), 1st-3rd century, Pozzuoli, Italy. #TwitPict