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Senior Programmer on Unreal Engine 4 at Pitbull Studio, founder of @RazorbladeGames, contributor to #AltDevBlogADay and @BBookLBook.

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Shadow rendering bug. Close enough! ;-)

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According to facebook, I only need send my wife a message. No present or card required! That'll go down well!

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Another game screenshot - this one showing off the motion blur!

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Haven't posted any screenshots for a while, so here's a new one (still programmer art of course!).

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My new business cards! Come and find me at tomorrow and have one for yourself! To keep!!!

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Mine, all mine! Look out for me at next Thursday!

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Eurogamer image juxtaposition WIN! Yakuza gun blows up Burnout car!

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For all you deferred renderer fans - the classic "lots of lights" screenshot in my engine (50 lights in this case).

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Look! I made a Holodeck simulator! Early work-in-progress screenshot from my game engine.

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The longer this takes, the more work I can get done. MUST. RESIST.

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Visual Studio 2010 WTF. This isn't a Yes/No question.

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In no particular order, my "to read" pile...

April cannot come soon enough...

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Giving up for the night as the tile saw is a bit too loud outside after 9pm. Done the top and one side. Almost there...

As with everything in this job, tiling around window is taking longer than expected.