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Senior Programmer on Unreal Engine 4 at Pitbull Studio, founder of @RazorbladeGames, contributor to #AltDevBlogADay and @BBookLBook.

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Up above the streets and houses,
Rainbow climbing high.
Everyone can see it climbling,
Through the sky.

  • 1821 days ago via site
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Finally! A genuine use for the property pages in the local paper.

  • 1821 days ago via site
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Perhaps a little shorter than I was aiming for. Still, didn't cost a penny!

  • 1830 days ago via site
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I'll never get a job as a modeller, but I'm kinda getting the hang of Blender now I've actually got a decent book.

  • 1833 days ago via site
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Half the job done - I'd shave my head too, but my wife won't let me do that. Haircut tomorrow (if I find time).

  • 1842 days ago via site
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I think it's probably time I got a haircut and a shave! Is this much hair (and more) inevitable for indie devs?

  • 1842 days ago via site
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Oh no G+. Please don't turn into facebook. Next it'll be chain statuses!

  • 1850 days ago via site
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Bug of the day! It installed fine, but I find it funny that a video driver installer needs an embedded web browser!

  • 1851 days ago via site
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Making the most of your time in me! Sent by a friend of mine from North of the border.

  • 1861 days ago via site
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Pic of attractive girls, story about gender gap, story about youngster passing exams. Yes, it's stereotype bingo!

  • 1883 days ago via site
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Trying out using albedo * albedo * specpower as a specular gloss map. Looks relatively good (ignoring bad UV mapping)

  • 1884 days ago via site
  • 1,816

  • 1892 days ago via site
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  • 1892 days ago via site
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Two overlapping shadow casting spotlights of different colours.

  • 1893 days ago via site
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Shadows now robust. Slight bias along normal (thanks ). No acne even if camera's a kilometre away!

  • 1893 days ago via site
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Shadow acne cured, but now Peter-Panning. Argh! Still straight shadow mapping, no fancy encoding/warping yet.

  • 1896 days ago via site
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That's better. Now it's predictably acne-tastic. Next job is to go from straight shadowmapping to ESM.

  • 1898 days ago via site
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