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I need a handle, man... I don't have an identity until I have a handle!

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PS when i say name not improtant it was foreshaddowing. Pic related its my cat!

Check it out Eli is a little Jake Davis! #FreeTopiary :D

I admire this child's autism skills. #LookCloslier #Swastika


Toshiba-Sashimi is more sick than you are! #suckitup

Damn this machine must be useless!

Perovich! Why you rike to teach stupid crass!

What is it about /x/ at 3 in the morning that makes me believe?

I call it The Conspicuously Absent Beard of M.C. Escher.

mfw I got back to this end of the tunnel.

Still just homework...

This was a bitch to find in my phone. Don't mind me. Just doin' homework.

Is it cheating if I desaturate and posterize this to make it easier to charcoal?

Antismoking ad that makes sense only if it pissed on every day. THAT'S marketing

Found on campus :D #Anonymous

Srsly guise...

Do want!

Mousepad disabled. Filter keys on. REAL #nonstop !!