SAHM that likes The Pretty. What else can I say? I have issues.

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Kitty/daughter snuggle time.

I'm sure she would want this one though-grrrrrrrrr

Found this at my daughter's gymnastic school-her size too, hmmm

You think I regret saving you? Polaroid app version.

Eclipse-agram. Pouty lipward.

One more, gray and blue tones, kudos CW.

Nerd alert! Bored so I instagrammed the frolic scene. Kudos to Rob for this excellent scene idea *emoticon*

Oh bother. My old Pooh. Doesn't look a day over *gulp* 30? Yikes.

Poor Team Jacob, always abused and naked (?)Is that Rosie?

My friendly little feller...

For Piney, my A's girl...ha

Who knew goldfish could beg for food? This fish is a pig I tell ya, shameless. My dogs got nothing on this fish.

Opted for this tonight over wine *cheers* *clink*

Dog and cat mash up...my jack russell accepts cat cuddles begrudgingly.

The human sister makes me accessorize-does Rob do this to you? True love always, your BFF Gryffyn

Daddy turned off Star Wars movie to watch baseball, bad daddy.

Husband must love me *a little* to pick this up for me from Bevmo today...

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