++Kendall Marquez


Couldn't wish for anything more! Have a great family, great abilities, great TRUE friends and an amazing girlfriend: @t_rick13 ❤❤ #BALLISLIFE ❤

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This pic always makes me smile...

All I see on FaceTime with yayyyyy meeee!!!

Ayeeee!!! Jammin #np

"shoot soon as I get in like I'm JR Smith!" he representing for you my dude!!!

Mine is better than 's #corny

This song hits hard if you listen and actually feel what he's saying.

#np inglorious. If you actually did some research you'd see how deep this song is. #gladihavemydad #feelingbadfortyler

#np "do you party?" "nah, I just do ignorant hood rat shit with me and my niggas at the f****** mall! OFWG."

#np my girl black and white like a muthaf****** zebra!

#np beside me, nobody likes me!

#np you wanna go to prom? "HELL NO" .. Shit...

#np just hit the blunt my dude... "Tyler: Nah, I'm high off life nigga."


#np EARL FREE!!! "sloppy seconds is my preference, except for when I'm feeding on the flesh of a pedestrian"

#np I never use a fork, I always spoon her

#np you live your life all serious while I'm enjoying mine

#np bet you never seen a pig fly

#np "if you want a date don't come, now you gotta make it easy for you so don't run"

#np We think sorta odd, so we think so.

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