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ok now im excited! cos we're lovin our dresses!! 

Another hour left...

Going shapppiiinn'??

Our chef for tonight. Flew all the way from Singapore. More kambing again for dinner later!

Cousin lovin'! With Saufi and Najib. Oh yeahhh!!

jadi u dtg syg? abg menunggu ni 

#Alhamdulillah Khatam Al-Quran went well tonight

Forgot how fun body jam was but tonight was AWESOME!! 

Body Jam and Zumba all set and ready to parttaaayyy

Hello old school, pggmb sg akar! Gonna meet The principal soon!

Before and after the morning party haha

Before and after the morning party haha

Mash potato and lamb (again) for late supper. Makan shaaaa

kambing for lunch! haha

Balasan gangsa all set and ready!

Aziz Harun and Jazz Hayat performance tonight for 's 'bahelorette' partaay/gathering at home ;)

Dinner for tonight... FRESH GRILLED LAMB!! nyummmm!!!

Still got loootttsss to panyap! its gona be a loooooonggg night 

Our room is a total messs!!! So many clothes to give n sort out

When it was exactly a year ago, we ran around naked in the city of New York :p Summer 2010 was the best!