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Katy's my Candy Queen. My Goal: To touch Gaga's bum. Swiftie + Selenator. Cheryl&Lana are perfect. Gaga told me to keep my phone:05/21/12. 01/22/12+02/19/11

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Its really hard to see someone you love cry.

(in KP3D) : "She's my best friend." Me:


Wtf, EMA's -________-" there's a HUGE difference!!! Now I know what award show not to watch.

yup! Just last may. I got my tickets for free, got an awesome view of the stage & gaga noticed me♥

yup. Just this year. I got my tickets for free, I got a really good view of the stage and she noticed me. ☺

I love my aunt♥ thank you for all the stuff☺

Hehehe 's and 's facial expression >>>>>>>>>

My mom bought me the Whatever It Takes design for my soon to be iPhone 5♥. December, come faster☺

My little monster pet :3 so addicting xD

Gonna get these soon♥

Ronan's artist of the month for August 2012 : Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Loving Tay is RED♥

Mary The Night.

Katy looks so flawless♥

hey sexy face.

this is the only RED wristband I have ;)

I love you♥ you're so pretty btw :3 follow me maybe? :3