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It's ok y'all. He was just hiding under my printer #scaredmommy

My roommate just checked in on fb in Australia wtf I just saw you an hour ago

My birthday is on national smack a bum day omg

Thank you Caitlin. I had no idea!!

Today was awesome. I get the W by my name for a college win. I mean...holy moly. #surreal

So this is what happens when you hit a deer on the way to school. My advice? Don't do it

This is probably the best song ever. Reminds me of nights at the barn! #betternotfight #boosie

Well this is fun #colddd #studentathleteprobs

Roomies bed broke..now she has to sleep on the floor #suckstosuck

Oh ya know...just getting to know Alys neighbors cats at 3 am

There are a lot of lil Wayne songs that are terrible but this one is just perfect

Boom. Making headmasters list like a boss


My valentines present to Marlee! I swear I'd give that little girl the world if she wanted it

Looks like I have a cuddle buddy tonight


The weather looks so pleasant for the next few days ☀

So classic

This is an appropriate response. Biggest kelsi dunne teenies everrrr