Kathryn Jayne Isaacs


Parent of an amazing 15 year old young woman who is smarter and more talented than your kids. ;P I'm queer, a dad and a girl who is trans. #girlslikeus

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Gosh, my hair got so long, so fast!!!

This is my very tiny closet. Does anyone have a space warp I can borrow?

New Purse! A gift from my dad. :)

Example of blatant privileged assumption from an "ally", 'Underprivileged people are required to politely provide education.'

It's depressing to see these 2 stories, one right after the other.

Google Maps' walking directions to Mordor

Got my dress for the wedding today!

Where's the device that lets you speed or slow the passage of time?

Yes, I think this will do nicely.

Sometimes they're hard to find but there really are cute shoes in size 11. :)

I just spent $17 on retail therapy. I love Goodwill. :)

Touch me and die, vermin

I blame this on the weakness of your species

I'll just step inside this police box and arrest myself.


What's a spork to do?

Whoops! They just looked so good, I couldn't help myself. ;)