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We are one of the top 100 users on Keek! Yey! :D
Follow a Katers today

Cory and I loved meeting all you guys here in Oregon! Next is Seattle! Here with Mickey.

I was taking a picture of Sparta protecting my bag when Loki photobombed me..


Something about a crazy half-woman half-robot..

The boys are sharing secrets in the audience..

More of this!

Photoshop us somewhere!!

D'AWWW!! with 's puppy!

This is going to be FUN!!

You're not born a badass, you have to buy the shirt for that.

My self-bought present for such a great morning is an amazing upgrade for my pet fish :) <3

Driving test pass treat! Mmm!

Watching #wrestlemania with my sweetheart at Academy!

Watching #wrestlemania at KnoxPro Academy!


K:'Do I have something in my teeth?' C:'yeah' K:'...... Is it gone?' C:'yeah.' K:'.. It's not is it?' C:'nah xD'

It's too busy in this Theatre! We are scared!!

Territory League! In the VIP Audience :)

This is why I was single for so long. I seriously mismatch my clothing when the sun goes down.