Kaitlyn Owens


She acts like summer and walks like rain.

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Caught him in a bone moment. Haha :)

Poor Gibear keeps getting snowballs stuck to his underbelly :( #DamnSnow #ShortyProbs

Perfect weather for a thick wool sweater :) #SweaterSelfie <3


I don't understand why everybody doesn't have a pet rat. I mean, lookit that wittle face :) #HesASweetheart #RatsRule

I don't know why this idea came to me, but it worked out so well and I love it #SpringNails #ShineOn :)

What a waste....should I check it for drugs? #SketchyBirds

brought home a nice so box obviously I should sit in it. #Normalcy

It's nice enough out for a skirt and tights I think :) #DeterminedForSpring

I just died :3 #CanHeGetAnyMoreAdorable

How is this comfortable for you?!

My friend Courtney's Russian Tortoise, Marvel. He's fricken cute and tried to burrow into my sweatshirt :)

He's so cute, like I legitimately can't handle it sometimes. #ThatFace :) #PuppyDogEyes

Lifestyles of the long and adorable :) He can sleep wherever he wants.

Sleepy Tucker :) #FelineFriday

I love him. #BoyfriendPoints

He looks like an owl sometimes

He's so cute :)

Giuseppe, I'm just trying to do homework. Your cuteness is very distracting.

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