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All player build content... Large Ship at ETP :) #wurmonline

Coming closer to where we pick up our ships :) #wurmonline

Traveling to ETP to get our first Sail-Boats... Landscapes #wurmonline

Working on the floor in the new house...

There lies a dead body on my deed... i swear it was an accident! #wurmonline

View from the construction site at Greenhope down to Kalsan!

Terraforming continues... new flat area is getting used für the new house of mine!

Reforesting the uphill desert area of my deed makes progress!

Here the promised look to my pearch with the two horses and the large cart! We already made a trip to the mine!

So that is a realistic weather system! Fog in #wurmonline

Quick picture of the new Token position. It was just behind the middle part of the fence in front before the "move"...

Another terraformed region... Full Map is here: http://bit.ly/wcVdO3 #wumonline #terraforming #sandbox #fascinating

Part of the Independence Server Map... "Satellite" view of what did people by terraforming the land! #wumonlime

Even more terraforming going on!

<Kasom> A lot of terraforming done... Food Storage Bin and Bulk Storage Bin up... + found a dog friend which I tamed :)

Actually Unicorns are real! #wurmonline

First relative visitor arrived!

One can see progress on the terraforming. Nice!

Navigation pains...

Rainbow near Kaslan :)