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Ahhh, I was playing laser tag today and noticed my nails glow in the dark. #Swag ! :)

I went to Adventure Landing today and I`m still afraid of that dirty water.

LMFAO | CtFU | SmMFH ...... I can`t stand it when white folk get their hair cut like this.

Lol ... I can`t go a day without getting hype off of #919loveyouTityBoi

Lol, my Mom`s ignoring my fuckery !

Oh so she`s trynna kill on the low with the jokes hunh ? -_-

Chillin with my stilettos on. #PowwWoww :)

My eyes are bigger than my stomach, I can`t eat all of this but Imma try though. Lol !

When I was 4 my Mom spanked me b|c I sat Barney on the stove. Smh, I could`ve killed him & burnt our home down.

Everyone I`d like to introduce you to my 1st friend, O.G. Bizzle Bar-nizzle.

Hello Kitty booty boy shortsssss :)

Homage to Dollar General, I got all of this for 1 buck ! Lol. :) :)

Once Upon A Time ... there was a FULL roll of tissue, but my nose was runny.

Wheeewww ... My tata`s look like water balloon. Lmao ! I was 19 in this pic.

Everyone meet my God-brother, Cody. I ♥ HIM !

Nigga go get yo lifeeeeee ! -_-

Lol @ me, I stayed writing something in my books when I was little. #GodBless

I bet doesn`t even remember when she gave me this pic freshman year. Lol, I ♥ my sis

I can`t lie, our agenda had that swagg my Senior year. Lol #HighSchoolMemories