photographer, techie geek, museum lover, spend my time roaming the Washington DC area. current profile pic is from a painting of me by http://brittconley.com/

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Happy Friday. I have Guinness.

Hey . The USA would like to wish you a very Happy St Patrick's Day

Internet meme hits Clarendon

Muppets drive hybrids

How I regularly see Kira kitty

My nomination for ugliest shoes ever

Happy extra Saturday to those of us with tomorrow off

Did I mention that Macy's sells piñatas now

Whole foods added a growler station

Northern Virginia traffic - you suck

Reading over my shoulder

Canada would like to wish Happy Birthday

Happy Tuesday

We are rocking the conference call

Someone wants the heat turned up

I have a new love. Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale

Someone is very put out that I am not spending the day petting her

Vintage kitty wants to be left alone to sleep

My cat has no fear of the vacuum or is completely deaf

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