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Gletsch (1,759 m) canton of Valais, upper Rhone valley, nearby of the Rhone Glacier, Switzerland #lovelive

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I dug up some old files of the Milky Way and I drank some dark coffee http://www.bencoffmanphotography.com/2014/08/the-short-wait-for-forever/ #MilkyWay

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Forse mi piace il modo che hai di ascoltarmi qualunque cosa io dica, oppure è il modo in cui sorridi di fronte al mio essere perennemente buffa ma allo stesso tempo un po' dolce.

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Moonlit Darklings. Already he had explored beyond the lush settings of moonlit slopes unveiling Mt. Rainier. The accompanying sounds of pointed spires wounded the ambient sky.

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The Northern Lights and stars from the Milky Way light up the sky above a moonlit lenticular cloud and Vatnajokull Glacier near Skaftafell National Park, Iceland during a solo backpacking trip in March 2012.

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Mars and Orion over Monument Valley

Image Credit & Copyright: Wally Pacholka
( Astropics , TWAN)

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The Arch and the Rainbow by Matt Pollock. This image is comprised of 4 shots painstakingly stitched together into a panoramic. The image had to be stretched at the top to straighten the horizon and the upper left and right were left with voids which were filled with content aware fill in photoshop and thus do not repreasent an accurate star field in those regions. I also enhanced the more prominent stars such as the Summer Triangle in the center comprised of Vega (top), Altaire and Deneb. The brighter stars in the lower right are the head and tail of Scorpius and the one just to their left on the horizon is Nunki, The brightest star in Sagittarius located in the hsndle of the "teapot". The blue hazy bubble just above Sag is Galactic Center, the core of our home universe. On the right are 5 of the 6 most prominent stars of Cassiopeia that make up the distinctive skewed letter "W" sitting right in the brightest part of the Aurora. To its upper left is Polaris, The North Star.

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I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.

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When love is in the air.... #Sky #photooftheday

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Friday morning there were two comets in the sky of the meeting. After ISON here LOVEJOY (code name C/2013 RI LOVEJOY). Here it is next to the cluster M44, above and left of the Piton Fournaise. Photo by Luc Perrot

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Madeira - Partial solar eclipse on Sun.
Photo by Duarte Silva. #Sun #Eclipse

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The milky way, with aurora bouncing green off the clouds as they quickly blow through the sky. #Astrophotography

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Ellery Lake, The Milky Andromeda Way

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Tickled... #flower #photo

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FSQ-106 et Sbig STL-11000CM 16*10' à -30C° #Astrophotography #Space #DeepSpace #NightSky

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Moon and Venus. They are getting closer throughout the night/day today... #LookUp

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And now for no particular reason, here is R2-D2 wearing a cat.

-- Black stars in Normandy --
This photo was taken next to a cemetery. Corona Borealis and Ursa Major are visible on this shot.

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Good night dear It will be one of those days which is undoubtedly full of love. You are special and mean a lot to me. Hugs ♥

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