A forest fox living in NorCal near Truckee Ca. And yes, Im the same Karishad in Housepets. Free tours of the Milton mansion! Well, when the ferrets arent around

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I think I got mail on accident. I believe this is your spring wolf roller catalog..

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Where else ya gonna keep em?

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wuffs need more than a steamrollin. Their tough 'tudes need tenderizing. I suggest this upgraded model.

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I have such weird friends *giggles* Even at work she does weird things to foxie

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I sooooooo want to find a Yugo now and go on a high speed chase with this in pursuit!

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Achieve a NOM certification. So make sure your products are fox slobber certified, look for the NOM label.

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Not totally twit worthy, but considering it's a cell phone camera at full zoom, thru a windshield, came out good.

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So while taking my morning walk the wind kept blasting from behind, I turned around & saw this face in the clouds

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had a nice lil supportive picture done for me prior to my procedure. Jus thot I'd share it ^.^

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Well at least I'm not hooked up to the bags anymore, but my god i am bloated/swollen

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My predawn walk was late due to winds over 75mph. The postdawn walk sky was pretty. Quick shot from cell phone cam

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The best part of an estate sale...driving by the day after and snatching up all the boxes they put out with "free"

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So you want to send/recieve a text message eh? Then this is all you need.

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Bad enough I gots screws loose, she had to go and knock my marbles loose too! Regardless, No Roo has ANYTHING on me

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