21 - Bi [RP/RL] Lewdist I like anime and technology I like to talk! I hope we can be friends! @Milky_Ebooks & @AliceAyako claim this spot For great justice

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Lol wow look at these fucking stats. Weekly tweet counts.

haha well if it wasn’t this one, enjoy it anyway XD

156 tweets in 3 hours and 4 minutes and I was jailed for almost 2:30 of that time

this one :D

actually I have a contract which says otherwise. See?

I’m baffled as to what the though prices too get from one tweet to the other was




knew it! Here ya go XD

Lol the reasoning here is kinda confusing me >_>

hiya Nina! How a it going? Found a picture that was cute and says Nina XD

do you enjoy this?

next your going to tell me you had my glasses and hammer

daaaaawwww super cute. In comparison I just have this one of me drinking and driving XD

Madoka tickets acquired!

Just kidding is this duck: (

Found a picture of me (tewi), (Chen) and (the ducks)

I got a new skirt ((not really))

lol see? XD

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