Niall ate


#harrystahp Btw, 1D is my life and so is Cosplay, RotG, Anime, Smosh, Dan & Phil, Hetalia and Homestuck. UND ADVENTURE TIME.

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Kanaya horns in progress *3* #homestuck


My drawing of Roxy Lalonde <3 #Homestuck

Aaand my drawing of Isabella x Phineas #PhineasAndFerb

My drawing of fem!Equius. #homestuck


They forgot Zayn...

So.. I did this scetch of fem!Gamzee. Is there anything I should change before I color it? #homestuck

"Harreh" by Harreh.

And apparently Liam thinks he's a monkeh.

I just LOVE that Zayn likes to draw.

Niall is an artist.

I love that Zayn dressed up like this

1D as girlies and as weird babybodies with big heads yay.

#691569 shippp eheh :)

Sooo, this is mah make-up test for Tooth! From Rise of the Guardians yay. TOOTH FAIRY.

laughs inZAYNly. (Sorry I had to eheehe)

ship eheh :) #1569

#6969 ship :o)