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Remember the 80's when you'd get a key locked to a chain for the restroom? Welcome to Chicken Lickin Northview

Due to the pothole problem,government is looking at wooden flooring as an option.

Everything Karate Kid knows, he learned from Sabreen!

Nothing fishy going on here.

Lunch is served. Slap-chips & calamari, tnaks to "Old Fashioned Fish And Chips". Nomnomnom

I swear I've never seen anyone more ginger than this dude!

Christmas Decorations up in July?! Santa must be pretty booked up this year!

How to park like a #douchebag 101.

#Doucheplate ?

Ladies & Gents,I present to you, Butter Chicken with my Man-Sized Kola-Tonic drink!nomnomnom

That's my massive cup of Hot Chocolate to end the day! This cold can kiss my warm ass!

My idea of a perfect night out!Date night, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals,doesn't matter

Next time you wonder where to take the family or guests on an awesome day out, try The Cradle Of Humankind!

Who knew I'd find one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes at Sterkfontein Caves?!

I knew there was a reason I liked this guy.

The guy next to me driving a Land Rover Defender was stuck. I'll stick with my reliable QashQai

This chick tried to hit on me at The Cradle Of Humankind! I told her "What?! No dinner or movie first?!"

No points for guessing who loves underfloor heating.

Friends With Benefits. One of the many reasons I love having my friend Sabeen from Dubai over :)