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As a Youtuber I want nothing to do with this company

No Cookie Monster no!!!

Good guesses! I traded in the change for a Papa John's gift card. Looks like I'll be pizza feasting soon

I'm cashing this bag of change in! Any guesses on how much it'll be??

I'm all moved in to my new apartment! Now it's time for the... fun part...

My first Millions Of Milkshakes! I got a Miley Cyrus with Reese's and cookie dough... aka the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

Sped across LA to save my sister after she got into a wreck. So surprised she's alive with all this damage

Getting ready to move this week! Just 15 minutes closer to LA. You can probably tell which box Elmo is in

Hey, is on the new Hunger Games books!

They said I could take a rock from President Lincoln's tomb as a souvenir! Am I cursed now?? #VampireHunter

I thought I was going to Chicago... but it turns out I'm in St. Louis instead! This is outside my window:

Well well. Our local Typo Terrorist strikes again... but where is the typo?

I'm at the old hotel! The stalker-type people are still here... waiting...

um, that face is not derpy at all. I'll fix that for you: