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Everything is funnier in retrospect, funnier and prettier and cooler. You can laugh at anything from far enough away.

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After an hour of searching we finally found 's sister! #TulsaZoo

I hear ya Mr. Squirrel. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Hey, , were you driving this truck? #toosoon #ThroughTheWire

is such an AGR, we really missed out on a good sign. You win Pi Phi, you win.

The city is not only beautiful, but also environmentally aware #Enid

Stressed out by Hornsby at the #Drillers game

Just a couple of the realest gingas doin' it #KyleGoerke #Graduation

Studying for the MCAT just got 20,000 calories better, thanks

Not now, not ever.

I had my doubts about the world ending Saturday, but this just confirmed it.

= Joan Osborne #WhatIfGodWasOneOfUs

I think I walked into a secret executive library meeting. I'm just waiting for someone to get sacrificed #FridayThe13th

Grant Detten's been watering the yard again

Joan Osborne= #WhatIfGodWasOneOfUs

The best thing I've ever seen written in a bathroom stall:

Cute senior prank #PC07, now where am I supposed to procrastinate?

Hey, , your bus is here when you're ready to go home. Your parents and teachers are worried sick

Someone must have had a really really bad day if they were in the back of this thing #FinalDestination

I was JUST about to use this, thank goodness for the warning.

Nothing says child molester much like a dirty, old, barefoot Big Bird