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Everything is funnier in retrospect, funnier and prettier and cooler. You can laugh at anything from far enough away.

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If anyone else ever can’t sleep, try reading your old Facebook messages. Lucky for us all, I found this gem last night:

Perry Jones III is going to fit in great with the Thunder. Look at that grill.

Happy birthday to mah gurl !!!

Great day at the links. #Watonga #CameronRoss

Incubus up!

The tradition continues.

1st date party pic I have on my phone, . Thanks to OSU, my brothers, and all my friends for so many memories.

I appreciate it landlord, but you could have sent this an hour earlier if you just texted normally.

My grandma got a twitter account you guys, she'd appreciate a follow!

Bid card?

Looks like our lesbian, stripper neighbors brought home some company from the Dragon's Lair last night.

Looks like Edmond got a brand new, delicious looking pizza joint.

My father has been hanging out with too much

So excited for formal with . Sorry I'm the worst with scavenger hunts, I've always been more of a predator

I like to think this isn't an accident

They have white trash costumes at Wal-Mart this year!

But not as much as I miss this

I miss this

got a new poster in her room, check it out