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Taken by an angel, rest in peace babe The St. Louis Cardinals and the Mizzou Tigers are mine! #CleatChaser #CardinalsNation #MizzouNation

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eh, alright.

smile contest!

I don't know if you guys remember her but this is my best friend and you guys! ()

I miss you Dylan

You two are the ones that need to slit your wrists!

CMT plays "Cruise" at the same time every morning!

I'm freezing!

That's what the bitch gets for messing with !

I miss you..

Thank God for You guys brighten my day
#Memories #RestInPeaceDylan

I'm copying that other person..but look what I got to "Cruise" in! 

I love how I was just crying and now I'm not because this song came on! Thank you



I have no clue who that is behind me!

Psshh I ain't blarin' anything..

I hate having so many family members in the Military...hurry home, safe and healthy..I miss you

Do a awesome job tonight Cards! We all know you guys have it in ya! 
#WildCard #postseason #W!

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