Care Bear


People never get the flowers  while they can still smell em... R.I.P. @yungferd 

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RT : You don’t know need to kno Pilates to get from da b…nvm <

RT : Blue Runners RT : egg and rice <

RT : Lmaooooo women nasty once they hit 30 bro, so if she nasty now? U better keep her ass around bro <

RT : When she tell u "I Fuckin Hate U" while u in her and u kno she really mean it >>> <


Looka this nigga lol

Is this the kinda shoes our niggas gone wear when we get old???


Aye, this nigga is FUGLY

RT : u saw me with my shirt off huh <

8 years?!?!?!

RT : Pour some Citrate Magnesium in that nigga Sprite. <

RT : Go to bed bae. RT : Pour some Visine in that nigga food <