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Looks like loot grinding has gotten that much harder in #Destiny thanks for the update. :(

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a game (15+yrs) based on the fact it won an award.

Oh so they seem to want to speak for all of us “Classical” minorities.

He got those death threats from……..gamers *head desk*

it’s time!!

let the wrasslin’ begin!!

It’s a jalapeño margarita kinda night.

it’s like they’ve never seen the multitudes of articles that say “don’t do this” and they are like.

The pens a shitty article about #MikeBrown. How shitty you say? This shitty:

Donuts in bed, starting the birthday off right.

So again, please don’t believe everything you hear/read. This was from June

I still see a bunch of #VaultBoys out here tying to justify that cop's actions. Stop it #MikeBrown

I have a new term for people in their racial bubble of privilege. They are all Vault Boys

No really? RT : Well I'm not black. I'll give you that.

One of the saddest things I've seen all day.

Anyone know what kind of cable fits in these audio out ports? Kah is confused.

Wrapped in cheese cloth soaked in holy water?

Fine Young Cannibals from a defeated man. #thelatenow

I would give my grandmother cards on Mother's and Father's Day. I miss her

I keep seeing all these folks pre-ordering #NBA2K15. #NeverForget

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