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The best part of the lunch.

3rd person, Thika Road, same place, dude hit by a PSV. What has done about this?

If you look carefully, there were 3 rainbows, not 2.

2 rainbows

The small things that give you hope. And rare specialty. The rainbow that grows brighter.

My power sandwich is bigger than 's arm. Seriously

Well... Been meaning to try out the new Irish Bulletproof Probox. Obscene?

Princess Bagaya of Toro was a serious major hottie.

nice dvd pack. Next time, please put videos and pictures and not docs.

Neko, all grown up.

sound familiar?

No Smoking, No Preaching, No Hawking

This car should have been towed, not clamped. NCC incompetence.

A lorry stalled on the speeding lane on Thika Highway. Wrong lane in the first place

Jute UK Fabric Handbags for Sale. Kshs 2,000 with delivery within the City. Call 0720497803 Steve

If you stop at a Zebra crossing to allow people to cross, this is likely to happen

Guy has rolled a fuel tanker at Muthaiga Roundabout. Against all odds.

Power surge woke me up. Mains box caught fire. Thanks for fucking up my shit. Tossers

Do we really need this shit now?

Why are slaves always depicted as black shiny negroes?