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Signing the envelopes of endorsement at conclusion of Virginia's electoral college vote.

VA Electoral College President Susan Johnston Rowland signs the certificate of the votes.

Ticket to today's proceedings courtesy of , presiding.

Virginia's Electoral College takes the oath

What actually happens at an Electoral College meeting? Here's the Order of Business:

Virginia's Electoral College called to order.

Electoral College preparing to meet in Richmond


Parking lot bereft of consumers with disposable income, thanks to Obama Depression.

Innovation practically snuffed out by socialism. Only TWO board game-themed jellybean box sets available!

Obama famine!!!!

Disgusting paucity of "gourmet lollies!" The radical UN agenda has robbed us of Cherry Cheesecake flavor!

Note signs of the death of capitalism! Innovative products like these 3 diff candy-filled Star Wars mugs? GONE!

Sure, Hitler Obama socialism has lots of cookies to keep the masses placated. But note the high prices!!!

EMPTY SHELVES! Complete run on No Salt Ketchup! Only reg., Reduced Sugar, Organic & ketchup w balsamic vinegar!

Poverty, scarcity & want. The new reality under Obama's UN agenda. GET USED TO IT! WAKE UP! PS, War on Xmas!

Bread lines! Here in Hitler Obama's socialist Amerika! Only 16 brands left! Please stop the War on Wheat!

Horrible conditions in the food stores under Hitler Obama socialism. Just like Soviet Russia.

lol wut?

I found my picture of them from the store. Jesus figures much more prominently in this packaging.

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