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Found the real ones, now just where ta wear it... lol. x

  • 1790 days ago via site
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Thank goodness for Dior Bronze self-tanner spray or couldn't hav worn Moschino outfit.. (luv bikini parties)

  • 1797 days ago via site
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Bad game after, was still sore from carrying team!! Workin it out 2day. CoD BlackOps. 22kills 14deaths 3assists.

  • 1800 days ago via site
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1 more TD match.. I just went 12 kills 8 deaths 2 assists n had 18 kills 17 deaths 3 assists.. Good CoD BO gming tonight, like every night. Don't forget always Play like a Girl n Keep Yo Kills Up!!

  • 1803 days ago via site
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Though I'm a vid gamer, CoD BlackOps being mi fav now. I enjoy playing with make-up too... Beaucoup de plaisir. x

  • 1803 days ago via site
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<3 Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets n little man, little Lola wants u. Make up ur mind to have no regrets. Recline urself, resign urself ur through... No use to fight, don't u know u can't win. Ur no exception to the rule. x

  • 1822 days ago via site
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lol sign needed nearby should read please do not step on turtles .

  • 1822 days ago via site
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Gettin onit.. CoD BlackOps FirstStrike hope ta start orff like yesterday with 19kills 8deaths 2assists.

  • 1829 days ago via site
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Almost gm late since waitin on pps. Last CoD BlackOps gm for nyt. 1st time prestige tdm. 12kills 2deaths

  • 1833 days ago via site
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PMSL.. message I got via xbl from a sore loser boy after last CoD BlackOps gm - "Bitch u suc" & " I WOULD SMASH U HEAD UP" ... here is my reply I twitpiced it. lol.

  • 1837 days ago via site
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Gettin onnit, where my sisters at. Ready ta get on sum CoD BlackOps. Got my Bears hat own too! #KissThis

  • 1839 days ago via site
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Use ta mostly warm ta hot weather, wearing a bikini is sufficient all day/night..

  • 1841 days ago via site
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Had fun at private showing of The Green Hornet, IMO was a good action packed explosive movie. ty ..

  • 1850 days ago via site
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In his bottle gotta be sum kind of liquid courage cuz even though he's a special guest he pissin ol boy orff!

lol DMr said like u as a blonde. Well here's a pict of me with plat blonde & pink hair b4 I over processed it & b4 boob job. x

  • 1856 days ago via site
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Things I do with my gfs, idk y but glad haven't busted my arse or broken any furniture. (yet)

  • 1856 days ago via site
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Dinner was drawn out about 6 hours. We started with fried brie with cherries on top. Didn't eat the crust. Stuffed

  • 1868 days ago via site
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Happy for the holidays. my bestie is back. Miss her bunches!! x

  • 1873 days ago via site
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Pict in my go-go outfit in dressing area few months ago. Came across while deleting picts on bb.

Great game with 37 pts!! Ca boom!! Grizzlies 106 vs Spurs 112 final..