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WoooHoooo Spurs NBA Pre-Season is a wrap!! No I'm not holding their towels my side gig isn't Spurs Gatorade/towel woman.. lol

  • 1359 days ago via site
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All the other picts I took of him came out blurry except this back shot. lol.. I'll take my hi-rez dig cam next game & get a better pict.

  • 1359 days ago via site
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Lol this is what happens when u ask a guy to take ur pic.. Lol. Leaving #Spurs vs #Rockets game, food then club. For real not going to another Spurs game till next Rockets. :o)

  • 1360 days ago via site
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#Spurs 111 vs #Rockets 103 game over DB played great again!! interview after game. Congrats!!

  • 1360 days ago via site
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#Rockets 97 vs #Spurs 103 4th. 2:08 from my seats..Section row 5 seat 1 & 2.. Pic of Spurs bench Manu &Antonio..

  • 1360 days ago via site
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At #Rockets vs #Spurs game, Yao isn't dressed in uniform. It was hot in here but think after intro ac was turned down. Thank God.

  • 1360 days ago via site
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#NoteToSelf when invited to go to game next time say YES.. Even if #Texans & sleepy.. The way to travel.. Luv my bestie..

  • 1364 days ago via site
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Airbrush painting being done of me. Wow good art work!! Not finished yet.

  • 1366 days ago via site
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Don't know why but I was trying to push my tum tum out.. #fail :-/ lol took pict.

  • 1374 days ago via site
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me blonde b4 implants, C, :-)

  • 1375 days ago via site
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#NowPlaying new episode of #LawandOrderLA good to see Terrence Howard.. Pict from couple yrs ago.

  • 1375 days ago via site
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lol , Timmy out supporting Nico.

  • 1375 days ago via site
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#HaloReach best game tonight.. 52 kills 28 deaths 19 killing spree!! I also unlocked killionaire: kill 10 pps within 4 seconds!! Pretty decent I guess (for a girl). Loool

  • 1377 days ago via site
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Eva'sHeroes. looks gorgeous!! That's another guest of .

  • 1379 days ago via site
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Finally saw my XBox gamer pict. Now I understand why I get messages sayin Damn Star ur titts r huge!! They're aight, I luv em & my pict came out okay!! Loool

  • 1379 days ago via site
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Yummy my tum tum luvs me. 2cd time this week. Pizza, cheese sticks, & chocolate cake. :-)

  • 1384 days ago via site
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First flyer of day retweaked & finished hope & like. What do U twiddies think? :-)

  • 1396 days ago via site
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Damn my buddy went Beast Mode with 40 kills on #MW2 #CoD..

  • 1401 days ago via site
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Played a lil Uno with some of my clan then it was murk time on #MW2 didn't beast but 12kills 2deaths not bad.. Need my clan tomorrow when we r done working. Can't wait to get #HaloReach! Alrighty Twiddies it's Zzzzzzz time for me so nite nite *in Kano voice* sweet dreams, God Bless all. Luvs, hugs, & xx..

  • 1402 days ago via site
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Watching setup my tv while I'm enjoying my pickadilly.. It's gonna be a really good day / night.. Oh this wonderful world of technology.

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