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♌ DMAO!! Lives beautifully. Dreams passionately. Loves completely.. Be-You-tiful!.. ♡ God Bless. :-) xx

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Wowzzwerrr our kid TP !! Allez !!!! #GoSpursGo

Happy Easter!! God bless you all. Jesus has risen!! Oh my am in chocolate heaven! #forgiven

Grill was used all day!! With #oomf, friends n fam. #Easter

Parking outside wasn't any better.. Lmao at least inside the lines.

Sushi Zushi run before workies. Parking ok or nah?! Haha. #cba

Comforting my 6lb baby luv Lappy at vet. She did great. #lovemybunny

#GoodFriday. Waking up to an ice cold glass of #horchata before leaving. Taking Lappy Luv to get groomed today.

Bella luna, fuego en el cielo.. Beautiful moon, fire in the sky. #bloodmoon

Today Mexican hot chocolate with #oomf n catchup on #OnceUponATime. x

Oooh I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive!! I can fly, I can fly, I can fly ✈️✈️ n I'm loving every second, minute, hour #welfie

Happy Sibling Day!! #tbt #hsd

So true!!

Time to #workit DMAO shadow dancing at #marquee! Hope friends had fun at #Liv in Manny! X

Friend in Miami training ask for a pict so I sent.. Respond "Gorgeous" haha beauty is in the eye of the beholder. X

While #oomf was out I cooked fish, macaroni n cheese, corn, snickerdoodle cookies n Latin hot chocolate. Gorg flowers. x

Literally had an awesomely #Wicked evening.. Thanks #oomf #blessed #luckywoman

Literally had an awesomely #Wicked evening..

If God wants something to happen, nothing can stop it...Let it be lasting, filled with fragrance, truly joyful n authentic! Bless. x

Compassion n good instincts never steer us wrong..