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This front page!! Lmaooo. 27 Wins.

Fredo had like about 164 people on stage.

Payton on Bye... Started Eli. Let's go.

Lol. Minute apart.

Bonks Prison Art.

Made In America.

One of like 10 Dodger Games this summer. This pic is gay.

Uforia Music Festival with Co-Workers. Another dope night.

Brew At The Zoo with few homies. Another dope night.

Work event. This night was dope.

And and this.

And this.

Ate this a week ago... Gotta eat it again ASAP.

How ESPN Fantasy App gonna decide to do maintenance right now? SMFH.

So glad finally got a copy of this book. Wanted the hard cover tho. :/

Ate The Cluster Burger from The Oinkster yesterday... AMAZING.

Free Bonks.