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Partner at You Might Know Me - A Marketing Agency | Creative most days | Bit of a dork | Big fan of Houston, art, craft beer, and people

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mine is lamer. Zzzzzzz.....

that was my first guess. , any ideas?

That was some quick thinkin', Ruggles. Hope it doesn't rain!

Seester keetties

. said 12 minutes. Too long? Still proud! My first lemon meringue pie! Used Meyer lemons from

Uhm, kids - pho with turkey broth is (was?!) AMAZING. Surprised. Wish I had chopsticks.

Just explained 'butter face' to my mom using one of her art pieces: phone tried to do facial recognition on this chair. Haha!

One of mom's metal sculptures. Not sure why he's surprised. I'm sure that Mom has a story behind it, though.

IT'S A CHAIR!! My mom made this! Love it.

Found above Mom's stove. Any guesses as to how old those cloves are?

Yay! Getting in some kitty time at Mom's.

": "Show me your fridge, and I shall tell you who you are. "" OKAY:

got the last two cuties in stock (more coming). Cheap. #onedollamakeyaholla

Canino's makes me very happy. Anyone need a 60# pumpkin?

What's it mean when two dolls show up in a random spot in the alley? IS IT A WARNING?!

Brought my milkshake to the yard. Now what.

Hey ...I jumped out of a plane today, so I'm drinking your beer.

There's a little 'shack' next to the drop zone selling awesome food. The interior roof is signs from a conference.

This guy wears this shirt b/c it only cost him $.99. AWESOME! hahahah!! #GOCATS #KSU

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