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I understand, I'm an acquired taste. Something like a dry Chardonnay....

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"welcome back Lloyd"

*Darby Straight Face*


The newest additions to our conference room wall. #BreakoutKings

The newest additions to our conference room wall. #BreakoutKings

This guy just won $750.

Though it's hard to make out the colors I'm green & yellow this year. #packers just b/c.

New York City at night. #Love

My little brother has been standing in front of his TV for hours on end since he got COD: Black Ops

Here's a specific example. #oldyounglady #churchsuits

My aunt (34) stay looking at old woman church suits. I hope she doesn't ask for my opinion.

And again. #michaeljacksonexperience

My father and uncle competing on "Beat It." #MichaelJacksonExperience

I think every Black family in America is playing Michael Jackson Experience right now.

Merry Christmas. #BoredOnChristmasEve

Throwback Pepsi! I love it!

Warming up. #IHadTo #Knicks

This could become a problem...shouts to :)

Sluts are people too... #SinCity #VivaLasVegas

This guy is doing lasso tricks in the lobby of this storage place.