iHUSTLE...I gotta get it by. ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY!!!

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My lil one with the hoodie on...#RIPLilTrayvon

After all that he only wanted the red SPECS

He TOO COOL for school smh

Me and son chill together...he too cool

Time to pour up...by my damn self smh

When lying goes wrong!!!!!! LMFAO

I did my thang with these skillet potatoes!!!!!!

He found his mama slapstick and it was over...had to give it to em!!!

Lil man wit his big brother boots on lol


My ole lady be flexxxin...mufuggas see this ring and be like who u wit?!?

#ThrowbackThursday me and my brotha snappin it up in the heart of NORTH MEMPHIS!!!

Still spendin old money...think I'm half jewish!!! -Jeezy-

He got mad at me and got dressed and put his bookbag on lol and imma let his ass sleep there on the couch too lol

On the 1's and 2's #Thuggin

Bowling wit that fam and my ole lady lastnight...and I kicked they ass!!! Ask my cuz hahahaha

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