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Not suspicious, just Canadian. Atmospheric scientist, climate center director, professor and mom, married to @drandrewfarley. First in line for cloning.

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Hey Charley here's global temp from 1998 to 2012, source: http://1.usa.gov/16H0QnC

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#FF The cutest little paleoclimatologist ever, . Read her profile here: http://bit.ly/UF6kbn

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#FF Get to know "glacier gumshoe" Cameron Wake in this great profile http://bit.ly/TPdOvb

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Oh-so-sad I wasn't in Lubbock yest-not! Check out this aerial of our latest epic dust storm via pilot

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Why scientists need to watch what we say: words we use--what they mean! From Somerville & Hassol, via

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Atl hurricane severity is increasing, but not occurrence. This image from: http://bit.ly/3bcFTy

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asks, where are your data from?
Here's most recent clear SST satellite img More: http://bit.ly/UdBTrv

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asks, where are your data from?
Here's NASA sea sfc temp, >+1oC over last 100y http://1.usa.gov/QSd19W

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asks, where are your data from?
Here's sea level rise from NOAA 7" over last 100y http://bit.ly/bSlz7I

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Late-summer Arctic sea ice now lower than all-time record and that's w/ a few weeks of melt to go. From

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Developing nations drive big change in carbon growth rates. 1970-1999: 1.6%/yr. Post-2000: 3.1%/yr

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Financial crises explain many of the dips in historical carbon emissions from fossil fuels

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How long has Texas been warming? Annually: since 1934. Winters: since 1938. Summers: since 1952.

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How much of obs sea level rise is due to ice melt vs. thermal expansion? From http://bit.ly/tjScPl via

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2011 will be the warmest La Nina year ever, estimated 10th warmest on record. Thx

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Me, when trying to give a serious answer to an unintentionally funny question..

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Why is future #climate change uncertain? 3 main reasons, clearly illustrated by #climate scientist #FF

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Even the lady in the supermarket's heard of #climate scientist & his famous "hockey stick"

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Estimated historical emissions vs future IPCC scenarios--how are we doing? You be the judge!

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