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Married to @gefocker! If ya don't like words like cunt slut whore fuck cunt cunt slut cunt! DO NOT follow! Oh & last thing…I HAVE A VAGINA & BOOBS!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY you cunt! Much Love xox

My convo with my stepson asking him to come visit us!

When I smoked pot, we made a bong out of an orange juice bottle & a bit of garden hose. I'm old & what are these?

These are the big news stories in our area! Go the bald knob!

WTF is wrong with you kiwi's! Hahahaha

awesome i will pass it on. Here's one from the wanker that lives up the road Motorbike kickstart recoiled

Had to chase this cunt off tapping on the door. Was probably pissed off I interrupted sexytime!

Went to investigate noise outside & what fo ya know. Snake sex outside my kitchen window!

If you have a cock & never done this then you should cut the fucker off!

I got a DM I thought I'd share with ya! Fucking DON'T send me anything like this again you pervy little cunt! UGH!

How do I even have Facebook friends! Hahahahaha

I wanna thank for being brave enough & fav this tweet!

Can't argue with that!

I think can answer that!

I need therapy!

here's a couple from inside! No pole! Hahaha

here's a couple from inside! No pole! Hahaha

the motorhome!

Damn I'm all sweet n shit to you

This is my Friday night ahead!