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The game chose me (I have no idea what that means).

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For completion's sake, I urgently request that this masterpiece be framed above your desk.

I'm definitely judging a book by its cover and pitying the fool. This driver is beyond saving...

is definitely a morning person.

Just rented an OKC stripper.. My life is so #Blessed... Especially when does that thing with his belly...

In the hottest strip club watching the hottest stripper on stage... My life couldn't be any more #blessed right now...

I dont know... Are we?!? RT : Holy cow y'all are getting extra weird!

Now that's stuntin....

:) #FamPic

Humbled. RT : I MUST give dueces to the #TrillFam

No one's perfect. RT : This ALWAYS happens when I enroll in that #DarkoUniversity... Why can't I learn?!?

Word to the wise: Dont be like and get proven wrong like an ass clown. #ShowinUp #LikeYouKnewIWould

Hate to say, but your island-sized dent on my hood didn't hit its 3-year anniversary. #OutHereGrindin #DJKhaled

: "Ughh! There's nowhere close to enough beer in this bong..." #WhiteGirlProblems

: "Excuse me sir, could you help me construct this beer bong?"

Why are you so sexy?

Just FYI, your flawless & brilliant artwork still resonates in the Oxford community.