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Just some dude in Blue Springs #Royals #Chiefs #Smoker #ABFMB #COL #965theBuzz I strive daily to be a better smart ass than dumb ass.

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These are so delicious but made for women. If I eat it will I grow tits n a vagina?

Addi wanted to thank u again for the Buzz tee. She LOVES it!

here's what we hope to drive off their showroom floor tonight

thanks for the #Buzztot shirt! Addi loves it!

flipped my suv on I70 about 8 am. Dunno what I did but no one was hit

i came out w/o a scratch but my Blazer not so much

Tooth fairy will be in town tonight, Addi lost her first tooth!

Easter bunny just dropped off this basket of goodies to my kid. It happened to include a few of my faves

My house is quietly being overtaken by #owls that should make happy

soooo good!!

the offer to be your beer bitch boy still stands. I got a few extras n gotta go get capri suns anyway

I love this beer but I accidentally took an extra Klonopin so goes I'm done drinking for the night

My klonopin induced Artwork giveaway! Start texting now! #listenlonger #masterpieces

Well this kinda sucks! At least I got 30 days until test time

here ya go buddy, there's always enough klonopin

yes we are!

it's yours if you want it

I'm ready to rock this prom!

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