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I like live music, baking cookies and armadillos.

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The office is a happier-than-usual place today.

Our first baby robin left the nest! Now he's not sure WHAT to do.

Getting LOTS of work done.

It's Kitten Tuesday! #squee

We have nest!

4th row center for Vampire Weekend ? This doesn't suck.

Whoa. Outrageous sunset. Liquid gold splashed across the edge of the stormy sky.

Sounds familiar. This is how my husband typically has to type.

The scene from the sofa. is working. Willie is ... helping.

Willie sez "I can haz #catpuke!"

Punitive snuggling. The cats are not amused.

The pic doesn't do it justice, but I have earned my Southern wife creds. For your consideration, my first-ever skillet cornbread.

Ready for the onslaught! Come on, kids!

Dear God. So much orange. Retinas are burning.

Vegan, day 3: Dinner is homemade chickpea cutlets and grilled asparagus. Happy little food coma!

Sunset from the deck of the Blue Iguana in Gunniston, Co.

The fearless hunter grew and slew a giant squash.

Puppy Friday!

harvests his first crop.

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