Martin Kumquat


I'm travelling life's winding, pothole-filled road while side-stepping moose turds and wondering what's around the next bend.

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Having after-Thanksgiving-lunch coffee with formerly homeless #HomelessJoe. So many things to be thankful for.

Chillaxing and having an after dinner coffee with #HomelessJoe. He says hello to everyone! Have a great day!

Hey ! Look who came to visit me! #quackers

Bought a piggy bank that my boss can decorate as her own swear bank. Worst she says is "crap" but who knows? d=D

Hrmm... , not buying enough sweets?

I'm at one of 's fave spots. d=D #sugarhigh

Another spot for to check out. Holt Renfrew Centre

Durian fruit. #omnomnom

O-bento for dinner. Pork and other tasties.

Coffee AND donuts! d=D

Chawan mushi

Slippery driving conditions. Take your time. Don't be an ass! And clear your entire car of snow.

Or have some Pocari Sweat with your lunch.

Brekkie! I even tossed in some pickles for the vegan, ! d=D Note the habanero peppers.

Last time I made 3 eggs I got 5 yolks. #mutantchickens

The section. d=D

Hrmm...interesting spot to park and eat my chicken shawarma sammich. Allan Gardens?

Free hugs!

Someone took our apples! I suspect squirrels. #RealJoe

No worries. We all forget stuff. d=D cc