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Professional Storyteller & Filmmaker. Musician. Marathoner.  Enthusiast. The 9th Beatle. Barefooter. Beer Snob. Hoosier. Founder of @ShineOnStories.

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Life = Good when and are at the same store!

Thank you for this, ! #multipleuploads

I heart #BreakingBad and #HalfLife. I'm pretty sure Walter White is Gordon Freeman's dad.

Cool, and indeed you are.

No matter what I type in the box, I can't get pass this screen! Advice?

I guess that's one way to avoid getting towed.

This is what I'm missing today back in the hometown of Francesville, IN. #chickenbingo

My tickets arrived. Booyah! #DC

I'm just worried my clever humor might be lost ; )

My new running shoes I won in the video contest. They were fantastic on our first run. #barefootrunning

The more I use #FCPX, the more I like it! (project is for with a cameo)

I could do better (cc )

We love quesadillas! (cc )

Gotta love seeing in with this lot!

Free biscuit in front of Inion Station. Booyah!

I saw Forest Gump on my run today!! #barefootrunning

Snapped this around mile marker 3.5. I was getting close to home! #barefootrunning

Can Social Media change warfare
more than TV did? #IWNY

#IWNY getting started up for the day.

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