Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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Justin. My baby. You’re 18. You've become a man in front of my eyes.
Three years ago,you had just done your first attempt in music and had already idiots commenting. But you also had fans already. More than the idiots, more than the normal fanbases. Your music was so inspirational, so catchy & relatable that we couldn’t not love you. Justin, my 18-year-old baby, it’s been 3 long years. Look how far we’ve come. So many things happened. Your hair is so different and your voice as well. Your new looks, your new tattoos. Now you’re a bit more mature (just a bit lol) & now you’re in love. Just like a normal teen. Now we are no longer Bieber fans, we are Beliebers. Because that’s what we do, we believe in you no matter what. You’ll always be my hero and you’re a part of everything I do. You’re in my heart, forever and always. I am really proud of being part of this family. We support each other, like a real family. I have never met you, but I know I will. I know every tear, every smile, every dolar and every minute of my life spent on you are worth it. ‘Cause they (my sisters, Beliebers) are always telling me what you taught us, #NeverSayNever.
Thank you for everything Justin, and Happy Birthday – Irene, Uruguay. 03/01/12

Justin Drew, cambiaste mi vida para siempre. Nunca te voy a dejar de amar, te lo juro. Gracias por iluminar mis días. Te amo con todo mi corazón.

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Acá esta el tuyo . EL RASCACIELO AJAJJAJAJAJAJAJA ya te reiste vos, sorry :_

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This is what I do at school. DAMN, IM AN ARTIST! Ignore my horrible letter :D

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I like this picture. I love my city ♥

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Esas supraaaaaaaaaas ♥

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Una cara de dormido tenes♥

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Disco de oro in Spain :)

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Casualidad :|

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Justin, te va a dejar de gustar tanto Beyoncé cuando veas esto jajajajaj asco.

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Vos decis qué no sos perfecto, pero yo no te encuentro defectos♥

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