Aracely :)


i love: bars, iphone, and sleeping, DTLA

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Ugh I hate this color :)

Fun fact: A el gallo giro order #work #shhhhh lol

It's cool Jay-z u can run a town will beyonce runs a world!!! #MeantToBe

Ridiculous!!!! Crazy!!!! Unreal!!!! Amazing!!! Gangster Sh*t!!!!!! #coachella

Thank u #iPad #coachella

this song always reminds me of when Ben and Nancy kissed in the taxi!! in How To Make in America

"act like you’ll ever be around motherfuckers like this again"

Do I like thus sing?! Hell yeah f*ckin right!!!'

For all those times my neighbors woke me up with their music on my days off!!

guess where I went for lunch?! lol

My nieces and my dad thought Lucilles is the spa

"Bang my shit bang it bang bang"


Omg baaahahaha

Some guy at a red light thought it was "tight" that I was listening to this song

This song will forever remind me of Vegas with

I will never get rid of this :)

What my Saturday nights have become

which one should I get!!!

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