Bertram Wooster


“I saw all the women, & figured that looked good. I was horny. I got a guitar off my brother, & started playing anything. - Angus Young

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This baby is! Wouldn't sell it for all the tea in China...

I had this sat next to me the entire game, so we were covered... #nyr

We won the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moustache drinking game works magic with too. Just hang em', & enjoy! 'F*ck you Switzerland'

Best #workaholics drinking yet! Hang 3 mustaches from the TV. They matchup, you drink till they don't...

Liam Neeson taping broken glass miniatures, & a hunting knife to his fists, to fight an alpha wolf? The Grey is... Wow.

In honour of Carroll Shelby passing, I firmly believe every man, woman, & child in America, should have one of his cars

Gabby!!!!!! Dan Girardi is my hero tonight though. The guy is a tank. He looks like Sean William Scott in The Goon #nyr

Girl that picked up the Catfish thrown on the ice in Nashville. I want to marry you. Handled it like a champ... #NHL

Yea baby! Thanks! Had to watch from stairs because of suitcase tho haha rt : Awesome! Did ya see the show live?

Paul Newman would be feckin proud!!!! #Chiefs!!! #Hansons !!! #Capitals #NYR

used my photo for the Jack White gig! Ma! Look! I made it! Concert camera phone Xanadu... #NowPlaying

Don't think my lifelong hero Jack White can top what I just saw , for pure rock awesomeness

always put on best shows. I left feeling like I owed them, or Ralph Lauren some cash. Free felt wrong...

Love how Robbie gave a shout out to birthday having girlfriend during 'Dominos (These Girls Fall Like)' ;)

making humongous noise after a NyRangers win?! Yeah! Let's Go Rangers, & loud noises!

Best MSN homepage ever?!?!? 'Man accused of pelting wife with Cheezeits', 'Tasered Stripper Dies', 'Robot Prostitutes'!

Here it is! Buddy got one too. Action shot from the Garden to come tomorrow #FREEHAGS #nyr

Holy fr...ickin balls .. It will never get old. Cheers boys!! Loved the ridiculous duds! #NowPlaying

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