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DUSTY: The Voice of Westminster and at start of Big City Little Dog Fashion Show last night.

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HURLEY: & Scribe will meet Big City Little Dog Fashion Show!

DUSTY: Scribe thought of as the bus passed this Choose Peace billboard in #NYC

DUSTY: Scribe let us sniff around what's temporarily left of the Tulip Poplar. HURLEY: I sat in the wedge space!

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DUSTY: They tied the tree trunk to a falling down old cabin door. HURLEY: Hmm, I don't understand Tree Men...

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HURLEY: He's a brave, tree climbing man! DUSTY: Scribe made us stay on leashes or inside.

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DUSTY: See the little dot up in that tree? HURLEY: It's a man!

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HURLEY: We're two wild & crazy guys! DUSTY: In our gasoline powered turtleneck sweaters!

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DUSTY: Tree damaged roof truss. What's roof cap nailed to now? HURLEY: Only Nichols Brothers Construction knows!

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HURLEY: We wore #Santa Paws hats at Assisted Living when we visited yesterday! DUSTY: Everyone smiled, even us!

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HURLEY: Santa won't be able to come down this chimney? DUSTY: He'll find another way in...

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Boards w/ nails in them left loose on top of roof & chimney after Nichols Brothers Construction "completed" roof.

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My new roof cap... hope it's not too windy this Winter.

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This is the finished job by Blue Ribbon Contractors, Nichols Brothers Construction. Hope it doesn't rain soon.

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DUSTY: Workmen damaged Dining Rm floor. No drop cloth! Sheetrock dust in in the wood grain. Grrr... bad workers!

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DUSTY: Scribe spent 30 mins yesterday turning over boards w/ nails sticking up in our lawn. She's angry.

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HURLEY: Workmen left debris, trash, boards w/ nails all over the yard. Scribe said lots of cusses when she saw it.

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DUSTY: We're in a Holiday mood. Going to Barktend #pawpawty tonite! HURLEY: Let's fill tip jar, furiends!

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DUSTY: These scarves are so special! HURLEY: Thanks, Miss Kathleen! We love them... and YOU!

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DUSTY: made us scarves w/ our names on them! HURLEY: Thanks, Miss Kathleen.

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