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In Capitalism run amok, I've got mine and you can go pound sand, society...Greed Trumps All.

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Congressman Paul Ryan & his wife are most dangerous family in America. #JohnBirchSociety #TeaParty #KochBrothers

  • 1292 days ago via site
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As opposed to what? RT #WhenIWasLittle we had real American men as President.

  • 1332 days ago via site
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Someone want to tell these Lyndon LaRouche drones that the election is over and Obama won by 51%. #Moonbats

  • 1336 days ago via site
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Take a look at who the "uneducated" voted for buddy! RT : Its unfortunate that uneducated people have the right to Vote

  • 1384 days ago via site
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Republicans expect us to believe that THIS election is about debt and deficits. Yeah right. #ObamaBiden2012

  • 1388 days ago via site
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If by some fat chance Romney became President, would he be sworn in with the book of Mormon?

  • 1389 days ago via site
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Some dates for Republicans to remember. #tcot

  • 1390 days ago via site
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Before the bodies of 4 Americans slain in #Beghazi were cold Right-Wing Ghouls were using them for political gain.

  • 1396 days ago via site
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What should we call this? RT Tim Tebow has trademarked his "Tebowing" move. #tcot

  • 1400 days ago via site
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Hey Romney! This is just the Aircraft Carriers, the United States Navy has 285 ships total. #lynndebate #tcot

  • 1401 days ago via site
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"I think what we've done with the military in this country is tragic...

  • 1416 days ago via site
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Arkansas State Representative, Jon Hubbard, Republican, thinks slavery is a "blessing in disguise."

  • 1418 days ago via site
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Lying Mitt Romney said he has "no idea how corporations get tax breaks to send jobs overseas."

  • 1420 days ago via site
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In receiving veterans’ benefits, they are not takers. They were givers,,,,Senator Jim Webb

  • 1425 days ago via site
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In 2001 the Heritage Foundation predicted that the Bush tax cuts would pay down the federal debt by 2010. #GOPFail

  • 1426 days ago via site
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Private Sector and Public Sector Job Growth January 2009 to April 2012 #Forward

  • 1430 days ago via site
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A WWII veteran has a few words for Mitt Romney on the #47percent comment.

  • 1432 days ago via site
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Look at the Birch connections from Fred Koch and today's right wing.

  • 1432 days ago via site
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Look! It's Obama "catering to the enemy" again...Oh Wait, No...That's Reagan with the Taliban. #tcot

  • 1439 days ago via site
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