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What stereotype? Lol.

Fresh & easy has digestives! And crunchie bars! And...spotted dick.

Where is the "I'd rather you didn't" button?

Omg, where am I??? Oh, the terrace. Whew.

Someone stuck this on the scale at the gym. Made me smile.

Those are supposed to be capris. #fatbaby #shortlegs

Well, this is a strange offering for the history channel.

"Mommy, that's like a baby cage!"
"Yes. Yes it is."


We have a new floor inspector with a taste for paper and bits of fuzz. Time to vacuum a little more frequently, I guess.

Yes, boys and girls. Grammar and punctuation really are important!

Wondering when we reached the point where "open here" just wasn't good enough.

Great googly moogly.

Homework, shmomework. We got decoratin' to do!

I'm really trying to imagine the thought process behind creating this coupon. Yes, it's exactly what you think it is.

"Merry Christmas, you're ready for the apocalypse!" Um... Thanks, Costco? *one-eyebrow-raise*

Preschool accident reports, all from the past week. Clearly, the boy did not inherit my sense of self-preservation, lol.

Since I now seem to have the most boring life on the planet, allow me to be *that* parent for a sec: look what my kid did!

Cooking for dummies. No, really. Excuse me while I weep for humanity if this is really necessary.

Celebrating the warm weather by making homemade peach froyo!