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Online marketing @vooruit // Freelance @mosselnochvis // Hairdresser & make-up artist @BeautynerdsBE.

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Geen CSS? #chrome

Pijnlijk. #googledrive #cloud

Mijn levensmotto. En vandaag speciaal uitgeleend aan .

De heeft een probleem (én oplossing)! #nergensmeerveilig

Facebook weet wel hoe mensen af te dreigen... #shitinpants

Pinterest blocks pins from certain areas.. #interesting

What happens in vegas.. stays in vegas. Except..

My MacBook is having an identity crisis. #windows #juk

Belfius (geen klant van), e-mailt me een duidelijke link om mijn gegevens te wijzigen. IK WAS ER BIJNA INGELOPEN!

BREAKING! God only created 6 days.

How to become a famous blogger.

This is why I just love to have my own website. Nothing more fun than tricking your visitors!

Finally! Twitter.com made a 'me' button in their top navigation bar. #UX

I will say it over and over again: Google I love you! #crowdsourcing #GoogleMaps #bicycle

Laughing out loud! 'You don't need an iPhone5 to have 4 inches baby!'

Intriguing: Booking.com & how they àlways play on the 'trust emotions' of their customers. #ecommerce

The best business card for the moment. #callme

Citysecrets vindt het niet nodig om de opt-in regelgeving te handhaven #privacy #emailmarketing

The hipstery goes for absolutely brilliant copywriting. Again.