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This is amazing! Dreamers shut down main st! #UWDVegas


Civil disobedience time! #UWDVegas

Somebody got bit at the "civil" disobedience roleplay. Lmao. I draw the line at sitting on the floor with my CK jeans.

Civil disobedience roleplay. The people united, will never be divided! #UWDVegas

Lisa about to begin teaching us on how
to organize and execute and effective civil disobedience. #UWDVegas

Josh sharing his story about how he came to the US when he was 8mo. and was bullied in school. #latism #UWDVegas

Time to shape and share our stories with other students. #UWDVegas

Lily from AZ will be leading the first session of the morning. Story of
Self. #latism #UWDVegas

Day 1 is coming to an end. so inspired by all these kids. #UWDVegas

Our very own sharing his story and welcoming everyone who drove in! #UWDVegas

Carlos sharing his story with the rest of the DREAMers. Came to the US from Peru when he was 12 #UWDVegas

You see what we caused?!?! Theyre on nowaygirl.com LOL

Just watched "Lost & Found" about the #dreamAct "does no one ever wonder what happens when the little girl grows up?"

Omg omg omg !!!! The new store is HOTTT!

Girllll I can tell you WHY I'm going to hell #onlyinvegas


"stations say they 'love locals'. But they don't love everyone" #NoMasEnSTATIONS www.workerstation.org

Bloody hell! Look at all these potterheads! #rave #HPDH2

Oh yes! Drinking my butterbeer! Almost time